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Organizational coaching: Get your team members going in the same direction

Nearly every organization is in a state of change. The difference between success and failure depends not only on helping executives and staff adapt to change, but also on creating an environment that fosters professional growth.

organizational coachingCoaching focuses on real results. Coaching encourages leaders and employees to generate opportunity, find creative solutions to tough problems, and establish strong relationships with clients. Help your people fine-tune their abilities—develop emotional intelligence—gather momentum—increase productivity—and enjoy their work.

Our organizational coaches can help your company…

  • Identify, maximize, and leverage strengths of emerging leaders
  • Strengthen communication between management, staff, and teams, as well as with clients
  • Achieve confluence of individual and team performance with organizational goals and vision
  • Foster creative thinking that keeps the organization fresh and moving ahead of the competition

We can partner with individuals in your organization to help them…

  • Better manage competing responsibilities and challenging goals
  • Establish a career development path—including assessing what’s currently working and not working in their careers
  • Develop leadership ability and presence and align themselves with the future they are just beginning to envision
  • Find greater job satisfaction—which in turn increases ownership, contribution, and morale at all levels
  • Learn ways to increase their range and impact beyond previously assumed limitations and beliefs
  • Handle important and difficult relationships in an authentic way
  • Overcome a career slump
  • Recognize how they are perceived by others
  • Discover their true influence on both their own departments and the organization as a whole

business team coachingUsing focused conversations and powerful exercises, The McAloon Group’s experienced coaches help your staff navigate the daily challenges of business today. Our coaching approach is based upon the most current and progressive Organizational and Relationship Systems theory, tempered with decades of real-world mentoring, managing, and coaching experience. Our coaches were among the first in the world to be trained in this powerful system and are pioneers in the field. This methodology is being used successfully right now at Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies.

Use the ultimate grow light: coaching.

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