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About The McAloon Group

The McAloon Group is an association of coaches who have completed basic and advanced training in co-active coaching methodology at the Coaches Training Institute—a prestigious organization and the first to be accredited by the International Coach Federation. Our team of coaches has highly successful histories and substantial experience in many professional fields, including business leadership, sales, education, the arts, and non-profit. And all of our coaches have been rigorously screened and hand-selected by Elizabeth McAloon.

The Group’s common values are integrity, ongoing professional development, creativity, designing work that is fulfilling (and often fun), professionalism, and honoring the ethics as set forth by the International Coach Federation and the Coaches Training Institute.

About Our Clients
The McAloon Group coaches people from all walks of life—executives in all fields, attorneys, teachers, doctors, artists and writers, and entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. We believe that working with such a diverse group of clients is akin to cross-training. It keeps us sharp and provides a broader backdrop of awareness and resources to bring to coaching. Creative solutions found in one industry often are adapted to another.

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