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Entrepreneur coaching: Start or grow your business

entrepreneur coachingHere’s a secret: Most coaches are entrepreneurs, too. So coaches love to work with entrepreneurs. We understand entrepreneurs—you’re a unique breed of business person.

As coaches, we recognize that you don’t fit the usual mold and we won’t try to put you in one. Instead, we’ll partner with you to enhance what you’re doing rather than pushing you to follow a traditional business model.

We can work with you to:

  • Develop marketing plans
  • Recognize and broadcast your personal brand
  • Learn time-management techniques that truly work for you, based upon your personal working style and lifestyle
  • Examine your leadership style and discover what’s working and what’s not
  • Identify or expand your strategic alliances
  • Bootstrap—launch a small business with little cash
  • Harness technology to leverage your business using less manpower
  • Establish a business plan that feels truly connected to your vision
  • Avoid a sense of being overwhelmed and learn how to manage it if it does show up

Entrepreneur coaching isn’t just for those starting a new business. A wide range of individuals and organizations can benefit from entrepreneur coaching, including…

  • New and established entrepreneurs
  • Owners and managers of small companies
  • Start-up companies (actual or planned)
  • Professionals in private practice
  • People who run a business from their home
  • Executives considering leaving their companies and launching a business

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